A downloadable game for Windows

This game is 'bout explore, shoot, destroy enemies. Is a neon-SCI-FI style game. 

As a player you also have abilities like :

  • Forward Dash
  • Sides Dash
  • Wallrun
  • Double Jump
  • Run

There are also some secrets way to destroy enemies, like killing an enemy can destroy other 2 or something like that. 

The game is still under development, this is just a demo version. 

I know there are things that must be done even in the demo version but I care about the game itself.

So leave a comment with :

  • 1. What you like.
  • 2. What you don't like.
  • 3. What should I change/delete/add.

Controls :

  • W A S D => Move
  • E - Q  => Side Dash
  • Shift => Forward dash
  • Space + Space => Double Jump
  • Space+Hold => Wallrun
  • Left Ctrl + W => Run

New things: 

New enemy.

Install instructions

Just extract the files from the archive and open the game.


JustRun_DemoVersion_x64.rar 428 MB
JustRun_DemoVersion_x32.rar 415 MB


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Ok so basically the game punishes you for losing instead of making you want to play again. Some of the AIs are kinda hard, that's not a bad thing. The AI placement is also kinda good. Decrease the AI health just a little bit. and the game doesn't have a purpose so basically you're playing and winning (let's assume that) for kinda nothing ? try to fix these. i'd suggest you watch "extra credits" they make some pretty good vids and they'll help you with most of these things. Good Luck!

  • Enemy variety
  • Boss variety/new mechanics, make them unique, they feel like normal enemies on steroids
  • Make the levels a bit more ”alive”
  • Collectibles to add purpose to the exploration
  • Stamina regen increased
  • Make a skilltree that will make your dodge longer, jump higher, etc.
  • Different weapons
  • Directional dodging (dodge in the direction you move, not Q/E/Shift)

All in all the game is pretty fun to play. I enjoyed the demo very much!

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bro you could have just created an installer for the game using Inno Setup.


I've already made an installer using WinRAR, lol. I found a tutorial on youtube!

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